Wondering how to free up time in the classroom for more engaging lessons?

Everything you need to know to about the 5E model including how to take your current lessons and integrate them into the 5E model.

The 5E model is a student-driven, inquiry-based approach to teaching science. This FREE guide will take you through what it is, the students’ role, the teachers’ role, and provide a step-by-step plan for taking the lessons you are already using and integrating them into the 5E model. Here is what you get in this FREE guide.

Importance and Overview of the 5E model: learn how it got started and the goals of each phase.

Students' and teachers' Roles: See how the 5E model differs from other models by creating a more student-focused classroom and turning the teacher into a facilitator and coach.

Planning a 5E unit: get the step-by-step plan for how to take the lessons you already have, and with just a few slight modifications with some of them, you can start doing the 5E model instruction.
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What you are getting in your Free 5e model guide

IMMEDIATE PDF DOWNLOAD TO PRINT (OR USE DIGITALLY) TO GUIDE YOUR LESSON DESIGN: You'll get instant access to the Ulitmate 5E Model Guide that will help you in your unit planning to create a 5E unit

EXPLANATION OF THE BENEFITS AND GOALS: Brief overview of the student benefits using the 5E model and the purpose of each phase of the 5E model to help students create their own understanding and go deeper.

SIMPLE- LAID OUT PATH OF STUDENT AND TEACHER ROLES: Easily see the difference between the 5E model and other models regarding what the students should be doing and what the teacher should be doing.

 3 STEP PROCESS TO PLAN YOUR 5E UNIT: use the simple three-step process to take the lessons you already have and, with a quick modification, add them to a phase of the 5E model.
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About Kristi Harjo, Creator of the Flipped Classroom Academy and the Ultimate Guide to the 5E Model.

As a middle school science teacher with over 20 years of experience in the classroom and no plans on leaving anytime soon, Kristi has seen the benefits of creating a student-centered classroom that focuses more on inquiry-based learning and not the drill and kills of giving notes and having student memorize facts and vocabulary. She is excited with over ten years of successfully implementing the flipped classroom model and integrating it into the 5E model design using science stations, inquiry investigations, and projects. To share her expertise with you. Being a single mom, she knows the importance of time and finances, which is why she is offering this amazing guide 100% FREE to fellow teachers to start benefiting from the 5E model.