Wondering how to free up time in the classroom for more engaging lessons?

How to teach cell energy in a flipped classroom

         Using videos as a way to teach instruction is nothing new.  Teachers have been teaching students through videos for a long time.   With new technology and more students having access to technology at home, now is the perfect time to start using videos in a more engaging way and not just a ... READ the POST

Feedback is not just for students

        We all know how important feedback is for our students.  Feedback that describes what a student is doing well and the changes they need to make help them learn and improve.  However, feedback is not just for our students.  Teachers can benefit from it as ... READ the POST

How to reduce teacher burnout: advice from a Veteran

I have been teaching for almost 20 years so I know how stressful and draining teaching can be.  I see new teachers trying to do it all.   Coming in early, staying late, having students in their classroom at lunch and then going home and working a few more hours.  By the time ... READ the POST

How to improve note taking in the classroom through video

Does this sound familiar. It's the point in the lesson when it's time to give the students the basic information about the topic.  You create this great presentation.  It has all the information the students need to know including checks for understanding. You set aside 15 minutes during ... READ the POST

How to Build a Positive Relationship with your Students

At every school there is at least one teacher that the students love.  The one class they all want to take.  Surprisingly it is usually not because the class is unchallenging or easy to get an A in but the opposite.  The class is usually challenging and getting an A is ... READ the POST